The founder of TVÅ FYRA is Josefine Lindegaard, a designer from Sweden. The Swedish word 'TVÅ FYRA' actually means 24. The author is reminding himself and each of us that we only have 24 hours a day. In design, they advocate the use of space and the pursuit of the golden ratio measurement. The core values ​​of TVÅ FYRA's brand are simple, practical and reasonable. The main style is the 'Bauhaus' style.


The first product designed by TVÅ FYRA is the 'Bauhaus' concept watch. Although there is no fancy carving and decoration, the careful matching of the case, the cover, the hour hand, the glass, and the strap were in golden ratio. This provides a simple, fresh and dynamic artistic image. The core fashion design theme is based on a minimalist, yet functionalism style, thereby creating impeccably perfect pieces.

TVÅ FYRA Watches

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