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Simple Style X Earth Tone

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In love with natural, relaxing feels?
Matched colours and materials always form a cozy space.


The key to a comfortable and simple room is the colour theme choice.
Choosing a low-key colour such as white, beige, or light grey as your main base (wall, bed, sofa, etc.)

and then decorate the space with other home items in pastel colours will ensure you an easy-made cozy room you long for.


Applying these coherent elements to not only your daily necessities but outdoor items will also shape your unique lifestyle.
So here we go! Below we've displayed the demo of "Simple Style X Earth Tone" theme to you.🤍

● Material is the priority.
    If you enjoy cooler touch feels, we'd highly recommend washed cotton and seersucker, as they are breathable with natural creases that make your space look casual.


● Bedding is the key visual that decides the whole tone.
    Within the style of simple X earth tone, easy-matching colours such as white, beige or grey provide a clean background for you to add creativity more freely.



Diffuser --- The magic that gets your space soothing.

● Drip some essential oil, immerse in the fragrance, enjoying a sweet dream when you fall into sleep.
● Turn on the nightlight to add extra vibes. (Insula Bamboo Aroma Diffuser)



Build up your holiday mood.

● Use a little bit of warm-colour natural materials randomly to adorn your room. Small home appliances such as coasters, bags, cups, floor mat, and the diffuser will always do perfectly.

● Remember to stick to only one or two colour themes to avoid messy looks.



Leather Key Storage
● Smart storage for a chain of keys.
● Hang on the pants / bags to prevent missing or forgetting them.

Fluttering Travel Series
● Light colours that go well with earth tone: khaki, yellow, blue. Preparing luggage in these colours that resonate with your exciting traveling mood.
● A great way to organize and classify your clothes, socks, shoes and lingeries.

Which part is your favorite?

Home decor, luggage package, or the whole items of simple style X Earth Tone?🌟

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Simple Style X Earth Tone

No product in this category