Cushion covers might seem like the easiest way to brighten up a room 

but only if you choose the correct pillows. 

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as just heading to the store 

and choosing a pillow that “looks good.” 


How do you dig through hundreds of different pillow designs, colors, and sizes 

to find the right option for you?


Here are a few things to keep in mind before you choose your decorative cushion covers. 


Choose a Cohesive Color Palette



Whatever the color of your room, stick with it. 

Don’t decide to all of a sudden add a green pillow 

when your color pallet has been in beige and blues. 



Correct Shape and Size


The square pillow size of 45 X 45 cm is the standard that can never go wrong.

How many cushions are on a couch? 

Too many can be impractical, while not enough can look sparse. 

Find out how to achieve the perfect balance below. 


Our formula to success is relatively simple! 




Contrast Your Textures 


You never want to choose decorative pillows that all sing the same note. That’s boring.

Instead, consider contrasting your pillows in text with each other and your furniture. 

For example, if you have a plain couch, throwing a textured pillow would look amazing.

You can even play around with details such as quilting, embroidery, or fringe for an interesting play of textures. 


Stay Simple


There’s no reason to try and do too much with your decorative pillows.

 You don’t want three busy print pillows or five different fabrics. 



We hope this guide has helped you out and you enjoy your search for the couch just for you. Here at Life Warehouse, we believe that everyone deserves a good nap. 

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