Buying Guide LWH Quilts | Which Quilt For Which Temperature


A comfortably warm quilt helps you sleep well and wake up feeling

rested. The quilt that’s just right for you depends on how warm you

are if you share it with someone else, and the temperature of your

bedroom. That’s why each quilt has a warmth score from 1–6, so you

can find the one that helps you sleep best. And even if you sometimes

feel too hot and sometimes feel too cold, Life Warehouse offers a warmth rating of

1+3, which gives you one quilt for every occasion, so you’re always covered.


A good place to start is thinking about whether you feel cold or warm when you sleep.


Cold Lovers: Warmth Rate 1,2 and 3


Do you usually wake up boiling hot with your quilt at the

bottom of the bed? In that case choose a quilt with a warmth

rating 1, 2 or 3. If you like to get up in a warm bedroom, or are

looking for thin cool summer quilts, these are also ideal.


Warmth Lovers: Warmth Rate 4,5 and 6 


Do you pull your quilt right up over your head but still shiver?

If so, a quilt with a warmth rating of 4, 5 or 6 is a good choice.

These quilts are also perfect if you like to snuggle down under

a warm quilt in a cool bedroom – or need an extra thick quilt

to keep you warm in the winter.


All Seasons Quilts, Warmth Rate 1+3


How about a quilt that you can make warmer when you’re

cold and cooler when you’re hot? And that suits all seasons?

Warmth rating 1+3 consists of a cool thin summer quilt and

a slightly thicker one. As Malaysians, Life Warehouse knows that the weather

Can be tricky sometimes, hence here is the all-season quilts made just for you.


Still don’t know which to choose? Here’s a summary!