5 Essential Things You Need In Order To Work From Home!

  5 Essential Things You Need In Order To Work From Home!   It’s day 2 of FMCO! More people are foregoing a lengthy commute and working from home. Whether you are a full-time freelancer or the occasional telecommuter, working outside an office can be a challenge. What are the best ways to set yourself up for success? How do you stay focused and productive? And how do you keep your work life separate from your home life? Say hello to the home office of your dreams in 3, 2, 1…     Rome Coffee Mug with Plate   Wake up in the morning to a nice cup of hot coffee. If you left your favorite mug back in the office, upgrade your mornings with these delicate Rome cups. Not only can you fill the crackers on the plate, but it also accentuates the aroma of the coffee, awakening your sleepy soul to a productive one.                 Wireless Charging Speaker Lamp   Just can’t find good bright lighting at home? Shadows blocking your face? This adjustable lamp can find the perfect angle to make you look your best on your next video call. Besides, amplify the sound by connecting to Bluetooth as you hustle through the tasks of the day.                Insula Bamboo Aroma Diffuser   This aesthetically pleasing diffuser is the next item that comes to mind as a work from home essential. It will change the way you wake up in the morning (sore-throat free) and actually looks nice in your home. It will also remind you that you don’t have COVID, the air in your apartment is just dry AF. When approaching the afternoon sleepy time, putting a dropper’s worth of this essential oil actually works and freshens up your mind.                 American Textured Thermal Cup with Straw   To avoid incessant trips to the kitchen, it is always great to have a large water container always by your side. But on your home desk, you need something that won’t risk spilling water all over your computer. This is where our leak-proof thermal cup comes to play with a tight rubber stopper. The cup not only keeps water warm for almost the entire day, but it also has a large diameter for easy cleaning. We love it! The cup also comes in different sizes and colors for you to choose from.                Confession Aromatherapy Candle   Set the right mood for mindful work. We like to set up a scented candle in our home office to brighten up the mood a little. It’s the kind of simple thing that will brighten up your day. And it looks great in your office too. Bluebell scented candles range is our favorite at the moment.              

Top 8 Life Night Lights to Light a Dull Space Simplified | Must Have for An Exquisite Modern Bedroom

  Top 8 Life Night Lights to Light a Dull Space Simplified | Must-Have for An Exquisite Modern Bedroom    MCO has been delayed over and over again. There is no doubt that we will be staying at home longer due to the pandemic as the case rises. Looking over the brighter side, the public has paid more attention to their home furnishings as more time is spent at home. In fact, there is no need for drastic construction and decoration. The use of simple lighting can have a decisive influence on the atmosphere of the space and even make the entire room look new.    Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is probably the only one you spend time in when it’s completely dark, completely bright, and completely somewhere in between. So, getting your bedroom lighting design just right is essential to making it a comfortable place to rest your head at night, rise and shine each morning, and go about your day. We’ve compiled this bedroom lighting guide to show you which light you need for every room. Read on to see how you can do so as well!     Little Dinosaur Night Light   Dinosaurs are extinct but good lighting never goes away. This dino night light is cutely explosive. It can not only be a night light when placed in the room but also a great decorative item with an angry red face during charging! You can also set the timer for 45 minutes if you are afraid of the dark. After you are asleep, save electricity at the same time. Activate and adjust brightness with just a touch! Use it as a desk lamp or put it at your bedside, this range of lamps is sure to shine a light on your life. Jurassic Park lovers cannot miss it!                Bunny Silicone Tapping Light   A rabbit's teeth never stop growing! But this never bites. Its healing appearance not only decorates home space but also is great stress-relieved assistance. As long as you can tap and pinch this soft bunny casually, it will change into different colors. The first tap to the fourth tap: yellow, red, blue, and green.The fifth tap can change to the gradual light. But this small night light is really too fanciful. It's too cute to be surprised!                 Rainbow Neon Table Light   The colors of the rainbow will only appear after a rainy day. However, this always turns on! Simple line art with rainbow light is lovely and healing which makes the bedroom warm and charming on a dark night.  Maybe there will be a pot of gold at the other end. Before the lights are turned on, they are exquisite small bedroom decorations, and after turning on the lights, it is the most dreamy sense of home! The ultimate dream makes the girl's heart erupt! When the lamp accompanies you to sleep, you will surely get a good night's sleep!                Vintage Filament Night Light   Home is always full of love no matter what kind of things have happened. Place one light at home, and turn it on while family members come back home late. Let your loved ones know how much you mean to them. Definitely a must-have item on the bedside table of exquisite girls! The dreamy wordy light directly hits the girls' hearts, and the bulb can be moved at will. Both beauty and practicality. Also comes with a vintage touch with a two-pin plug.                360° Sensor Light   Adjust the angle of the light source and light up automatically and don't grope your way to the bathroom at midnight anymore!🌟 Not only can it act as a night light, a corridor light, a bedside light, or even a wall light. 3 modes to always switch it up at all times is the go-to! Use up to 1500 times per charge! Ain’t that amazing?                    Dazzling Feather Leaves String Light   Revealing the unique light shining from the leaves with a depth of shadow with the elegance from rose gold. Seeing it unwinds you from a busy day from work creates an ambiance for a party or even a romantic atmosphere. At least this doesn’t wilt and is forever with you. Excellent rose gold leaves luster reflects your light to make your room sparkle.                Romantic Moon Star String Light   It's like you own a whole sky while hanging stars and moons on walls. Turn on the string light, creating a romantic space for your partner. Make your whole room like the dark night sky when you were able to star-gaze!                Life’s Remote Table Lamp.   Lazy to move to turn off your table lamp? Make life easier when you can control the lamp at your fingertips! Sometimes, I am super lazy to even stretch another length to get over the switch to turn it off after reading my storybook. However, this spectacular light has an intelligent dual-mode switch by touching or using the remote control. 10 levels of brightness adjustable so that you would never strain the eyes. If you know you are super tired on that day, use its built-in timer mode. Always save the best for the last. Ever heard of a rechargeable lamp! No more need to connect to a power source all the time.               

Beddings and Sleep | How to Pick the Right Pillow

  Beddings and Sleep | How to Pick the Right Pillow   The wrong kind of pillow can wake you up multiple times at night from your sleep.  Okay, let’s start from square one. At the end of the day, your pillow’s most important job is to support you in your go-to sleeping position, all night long. And when I say, “support,” I don’t just mean that it feels soft and cozy, it should also make you feel excited every night when it’s time to go to bed.   Where you lay your head at night can affect not only how well you sleep, but how rested you feel when you wake up. Here's what to consider when shopping for your next pillow.     Pro Tip 1: Which position do you usually sleep in?   Here are the four main sleeping positions and the best pillow types to suit them:   Stomach sleeper – If you lie flat on your tummy with your head to one side, you should look for a flat, soft pillow or even use no pillow at all. This is because you’ll need to keep your neck aligned with your spine in order to avoid neck pain and posture problems from straining your neck throughout the night.    Back sleeper – If you like to sleep on your back, you should lookout for a pillow of medium thickness and firmness. If your pillow is too thick, your head will be pushed forward at an uncomfortable angle and you will wake up with sores in the morning    Side sleeper – If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll need a pillow that is both thick and firm in order to support your neck and keep it aligned properly with the spine.     Pro Tip 2: Which filling should you choose?   This all depends on your personal preference and allergies. Here are the two main types of pillow fillings and their attributes:   Memory foam pillows – If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain, memory foam pillows can be very helpful in keeping you comfortable and providing firm support for your neck.   Wool or cotton pillows – Wool pillows do tend to be rather thick and firm suitable for Side sleepers     Pro Tip 3: How to Protect Your Pillows?   Once you’ve found your ideal pillow thickness, firmness, and filling, you’ll want to keep your pillows well protected. To keep them clean and in tip-top condition, you should use pillow casings which will help shield your pillows from sweat, body oils, hair products, and saliva.     Pro Tip 4: How Often to Replace Your Pillows?   Not all types of pillows have the same life span, and once they start to sag they will no longer provide the support you need, or the same level of comfort. A general rule of thumb is to replace your pillows once every 1-2 years. A trick is to simply place the pillow over your arm. If it stays rigid and holds its shape, it’s still in perfectly good nick. If, however, it sags over your arm, it might be time to replace it.  

520 Valentine's Day Gifts TOP 5 Ranking | Gift recommendation for boyfriend/girlfriend!

  520 Valentine's Day Gifts TOP 5 Ranking | Gift recommendation for boyfriend/girlfriend!  Confession Aromatherapy Candle, couple phone cases, and other small gifts   On Valentine's Day, are you still worried about what gift you want to give your other half?Well, let us help you out this time. We have sorted out the TOP 5 gifts in our website that your other half will be happy with! Couple phone cases, romantic confession aromatherapy candle… etc.! Have a look at it and take action NOW! Don’t wait until the very last minute to find gifts for them ~   520 Valentine's Day Gift Ranking Recommendation! Don’t get worried about what to give to your other half,just leave it to me! For those who haven't thought of what to give, save this article and select any of these 5 recommended Valentine's Day gifts, which are super suitable for boyfriends or girlfriends!   520 Valentine's Day Gift Recommendation 1: Confession Aromatherapy Candle ( Suitable for girlfriends )   Who said that after being together, there is no need to make a romantic confession for the other half? This romantic confession candle does wonders. Burn the candle and you can see the words "I love you", or you can customize the romantic cheesy messages you want to send to surprise the other half. After the candle is completely burnt, you can also use it as storage to hold some small items. Putting it on the dressing table is both good-looking and practical!            520 Valentine's Day gift Recommendation 2: Smart Touch Thermotumbler ( Suitable for both girlfriends and boyfriends )   Whenever a girl experiences menstruation, she will want to drink a cup of hot brown sugar tea or hot water. This exclusive material is designed to always keep the water in the bottle and maintain its temperature! There is also a digital temperature display on the cap of the bottle, so you will never be afraid of being scalded by hot water! 😍           520 Valentine’s Day Gift Recommendation 3: Cat Embossed iPhone Case ( Suitable for girlfriends )   Don’t miss out on friends who like cats, a variety of hand-painted cat design phone cases! Boys, if you know that the other half likes cats, then she will be very happy to receive this! It also has an anti-drop and anti-slip design, so that your love’s phone will be safe and sound!           520 Valentine's Day gift recommendation 4: Capsule Sensor Light ( Suitable for both girlfriends and boyfriends )   Wake up in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on the lights to disturb your partner’s sleep? Then this smart lighting is very suitable for you! Just charge it for 4 hours and you can use it for up to 60 days! There are also 3 modes for you to choose from!   .       520 Valentine’s Day Gift Recommendation 5: Pastel Collapsible Lunch Box ( Suitable for both girlfriends and boyfriends )   Occasionally make your romantic breakfast or lunch for the other half to take it to the company. The capacity is large which can hold up to 1 meat and 3 dishes. The food intake is enough for your lovely partner even if it is your gym boyfriend. After the meal is finished, it can be folded to make it smaller and put in a briefcase. It does not take up space and is easy to carry.