Duvet vs Duvet Cover: What is the Difference?

  What is a Duvet? A duvet is made from cloth sewn to form a large bag, then filled with down or other soft materials. A duvet is used as the top layer of bedding to keep the sleeper warm as they rest.   It has become a little harder to define duvet because some use the word interchangeably with comforter. In fact, some dictionaries include the word comforter in the entry, as a synonym. But in fact, the two pieces of bedding are not the same.   The word duvet comes from the french for down, and down is still a very popular filling for duvets. Today, you can still find duvets filled with down as well as other natural choices such as wool or feathers. Alternatively, synthetic fiber duvets offer a hypoallergenic duvet option.   They are typically white, and they are almost always plain, so they won’t show through the duvet cover.     Duvets vs Comforters   While duvets and comforters are similar, here are some factors to consider.   Duvets tend to be warm but surprisingly lightweight. The duvet cover makes it easier to change bedding looks and styles. You won’t need to wash your duvet very often, just wash the cover regularly. Additionally, duvets tend to be fluffier than comforters, and can simplify bed making if you choose the European style.   Comforters tend to be flatter. They may need to be layered with blankets during colder weather. With no protective cover, they require regular washing. To change the look of your bedding, switch out the entire comforter, as they are made with decorative fabrics and no cover. A comforter is a simple, one-and-done option for those who don’t want a separate covering.   So which is better in the comforter vs. duvet debate? Like most bedding choices, that is somewhat subjective. We prefer duvets for their ease of care and ability to change styles. But many like the simplicity of comforters.   Our advice: choose the bedding that works best for your home and lifestyle, and you can’t go wrong.     What is a Duvet Cover? A duvet cover is a protective sleeve that covers your duvet, much like a pillowcase on your pillow. In addition to protecting the duvet, it allows you to easily change the look of your bedding, without having to replace the entire duvet. Duvet covers are easily cleaned, and compact for storage.   Normally they will have zippers or buttons to fill insert in   Some skip the top sheet when making a bed with a duvet, because the duvet cover acts much the same way as a sheet. This is common practice in Europe, where duvets are heavily favored. If you’ve heard someone say they sleep European, this is what they mean!   If you're still undecided what option is going to work best for you try taking some of these points into consideration.   Warmth: Are you a hot or cold sleeper? If you’re a cold sleeper, a duvet may be the way to go, fluffier and heavier, it can keep you warm and comfortable all night long. Comforters are traditionally thinner and you may need additional blankets and bedding during the colder months, however, some find them to be a perfect weight all year round. Style: If you like to change the look of your bedding or the type of fabric you sleep on often a duvet and duvet cover could be the choice for you. Swapping out a duvet cover is easy and more cost-effective than buying a whole new comforter set and accessories. Cleaning and ease of use: Duvet covers are nice and convenient when it comes to washing and storing them, but they can be a pain to put on over your duvet. If you prefer minimal set up a comforter might be the smart choice. Price: Duvets, comforters, and duvet covers come in a range of prices. While at first, a duvet might cost more upfront, using a duvet cover can save you money in the long run. A duvet cover keeps cleaning costs down, extends the life of your duvet, and gives you the ability to change your style by only replacing a cover. A comforter/comforter set could save you in the beginning but may end up costing you more as time goes on.     Get what you need here:   Duvet Inserts  🔗 https://www.lifewarehousemy.com/products/pure-white-duvet-insert  

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Top 5 Personalized Gifts | Gift recommendation for boyfriend/girlfriend!

    Top 5 Personalized Gifts | Gift recommendation for boyfriend/girlfriend!   Since they are stuck at home, give your friends something unique and fun to do during this lockdown. Send a Personalized Gift directly to them for a safe, no-contact gift. These gifts would be perfect for any family or friends and should certainly keep them happy and busy during their time inside.   Don’t get worried about what to give to your other half, just leave it to us! For those who haven't thought of what to give, save this article and select any of these 5 recommended even a day before the occasion, which is super suitable for boyfriends or girlfriends!     Personalized Gift Recommendation 1: LWH Designed·Edgy Leather Notebook ( Best For Any Writer )   All-time favorite Classic Series slim softcover book in Malaysia. Each cover is meticulously wrapped by PU leather with premium engraving. Fully customizable. Made on-demand in Malaysia. Make a mark. A name, an alias, a motto; you name it. We make every personalized book to order, so they are totally unique. That’s how we believe in individuality. And we want you to be a part of it. Let’s get personal.               Personalized Gift Recommendation 2: Ambition Brass Wooden Ball Pen ( Best For Any Writer )   Classic Parker style. The Parker Sonnet rollerball pen has an ageless appearance, with an elegant profile and tasteful decoration forming a figure of unassuming beauty. This matte black and chrome finish are right in line with the latest trends, helping to evoke a certain business-like style. Featuring a contoured, high-gloss grip for superb comfort and control, this delightful Parker Pen makes handwriting a joy.             Personalized Gift Recommendation 3: Victrola Bluetooth Speaker ( Best For Any Music Lovers )   Give them easy access to their music wherever they roam with promotional speakers for use at home or on the go! Get your message heard and your brand seen with this cool collection of custom audio speakers! Our versatile tech gadgets are right in tune with your needs, from wireless Bluetooth® speakers to USB audio accessories, ready to advertise your name wherever they're used. From the home to the office to the dorm, Life Speakers personalized audio speakers are sure to crank up the promotional volume!             We hope this list helps you spread your love to your friends this friendship’s day! How many times have you stressed out about finding the perfect gift for the many gift-giving occasions throughout the year? That’s the beauty of a custom personalized gift, it will suit every occasion—a wedding, a birthday bash, graduation, promotion… you name it.

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Cotton Percale vs Cotton Sateen: What is the Difference?

    Choosing the perfect sheets can be hard! We’ve decided to create truly “good” sheets to make the choice easier. A key factor is a fabric they’re made from. Cotton is the original and still the best choice for quality sheets. But you may have come across terms like Percale or Sateen and you’re probably wondering what they mean and why should you even care? Well, percale and sateen refer to the weave of the fabric and since that’s what can come between you and a good nights’ sleep, we’ve put together this quick guide so you know exactly which will be right for you.   Fabric is woven using vertical warp threads and horizontal weft threads. The way the threads intersect each other determines the end fabric and the resulting feel and appearance.       Percale   Percale is a fabric made with a plain, or basketweave which is one thread over, one thread under, a method in use for hundreds of years. This weave gives the fabric its’ strength and durability, matte appearance and a crisp feel. To be called percale, the fabric must have a thread count of 180 per square inch or higher. Percale is probably what you slept on as a child, and almost certainly what you will find in most high-end hotels. It’s a lightweight, strong weave, making for breathable, cool and crisp sheets – perfect all year round and particularly good for warmer weather and hot sleepers.     The Good Strong yet soft and smooth Breathable, suitable for year-round use, particularly good in summer Cool, crisp feel Durable lasts longer Does not pill Easy care Gets softer with laundering and use   The Bad Wrinkles initially, this lessens as fibres soften with use Can initially feel stiff, until broken in     Sateen   A sateen weave has three or four threads over, one under which exposes more yarn to the surface and gives the fabric its lustrous sheen and silky feel and drape. It typically is woven more tightly resulting in a higher thread count, slightly heavier and warmer fabric. It’s comfortable all year round, and especially in winter or if you are a cold sleeper as it tends to drape over the body and retain more body heat.      The Good Silky smooth feel Often (but not always) has a lustrous sheen Warm to touch, great for cooler climates Wrinkles less   The Bad Slightly less durable More likely to pill and snag Less breathable Shine is often enhanced by using chemicals and fades with the use     In the end, the choice comes down to personal preference. Both fabrics will produce comfortable, luxurious sheets, the difference will be whether you prefer cool, crisp sheets or silky smoothness against your skin at night. You may even like to use both, changing them with the seasons to get the best sleep experience.   We obviously have our preference, choosing to first make sateen sheets for their durability and crisp, soft feel, however, you should be able to get the most out of either percale or sateen as long as they’re made from high-quality cotton. We made sure our cotton sheets are made from superior, long-staple cotton which has been hand-picked and combed to retain only the finest, longest fibres, ensuring amazingly comfortable, breathable sheets and the best nights’ sleep ever.     We have now also introduced our Sateen Sheets, beginning with all sorts of colours and available in sizes Super Single through to King.   Which one should you choose?    

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Top 4 Tips To Choose the Best Decorative Cushion Covers for Your Space

  Cushion covers might seem like the easiest way to brighten up a room  but only if you choose the correct pillows.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as just heading to the store  and choosing a pillow that “looks good.”    How do you dig through hundreds of different pillow designs, colors, and sizes  to find the right option for you?   Here are a few things to keep in mind before you choose your decorative cushion covers.    Choose a Cohesive Color Palette     Whatever the color of your room, stick with it.  Don’t decide to all of a sudden add a green pillow  when your color pallet has been in beige and blues.      Correct Shape and Size   The square pillow size of 45 X 45 cm is the standard that can never go wrong. How many cushions are on a couch?  Too many can be impractical, while not enough can look sparse.  Find out how to achieve the perfect balance below.    Our formula to success is relatively simple!        Contrast Your Textures    You never want to choose decorative pillows that all sing the same note. That’s boring. Instead, consider contrasting your pillows in text with each other and your furniture.  For example, if you have a plain couch, throwing a textured pillow would look amazing. You can even play around with details such as quilting, embroidery, or fringe for an interesting play of textures.    Stay Simple   There’s no reason to try and do too much with your decorative pillows.  You don’t want three busy print pillows or five different fabrics.      We hope this guide has helped you out and you enjoy your search for the couch just for you. Here at Life Warehouse, we believe that everyone deserves a good nap.  Life Warehouse is all about practical comfort for everyone, every day. Check out our collection today!

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5 ways to choose the best bed sheets in Malaysia and Singapore

  Welcome to the world of bedsheets!    We’re excited that you’re here because that means you’re doing research on how to buy the best bed sheets. In tropical countries, choosing a cooling sheet is important for the comfiest sleep of all time. Since we spend about a third of our day in bed, it’s only natural that we would want to make the most out of it. We’re looking for bed sheets that meet the big three factors: comfortable, durable, and affordable – just like our very own sheets: where you can get it with a similar quality to MUJI but 70% lower price.   Let’s jump right into it. Here are 5 things to consider when buying bed sheets:   Which material makes the best bed sheets, washed cotton vs chiffon cotton?     The first thing to consider when buying bed sheets is the material. Read the fiber content first so you will get an idea about the big three factors we just mentioned. The most popular types of bed sheets are made from cotton, Tencel, linen, silk, bamboo, and polyester. We surveyed the market and after numerous tests, we’ve decided. Cotton reigns supreme in our region (Malaysia and Singapore). It's a lot cooler than Tencel (which although is softer, is less breathable and becomes hot). Other types tend to be even hotter, particularly polyester blends which last longer but are rough.   The most common type of bedsheet is made from cotton fibers like ours. This is because cotton is easily the most comfortable, durable, and affordable type of bedsheet. Cotton regulates the body temperature, so you sleep fresh and wake up fresh, we call this breathability.   Cotton is also hypoallergenic so it’s ideal for sleepers with sensitive skin. If you find the right type of cotton bedsheet you’re all set for a very long time because it gets better with every wash – it holds its shape and color while getting softer.   You want to look for cotton bedsheets labeled “100% extra-long-staple cotton”. This part can be tricky because most bedsheets labeled “100% Cotton” can feel cheap and scratchy. You’ll easily be able to rule out the quality ones by checking out the other considerations: type of cotton, thread count (above 300, but not more than 700), weave, and fit.   Thread Count (TC)   Thread count refers to the number of threads woven together in one square inch of fabric. The yarn is woven in a crisscross pattern, the vertical strands are called warp weave and the horizontal strands are called weft weave. The thread count is the total number of warp and weft weaves in one square inch.   We’ll just give it to you straight: thread count is important to consider when choosing a bedsheet, however, you should be suspicious if it is too high or too low.    Imagine it this way: bedsheets with very low thread count could mean the fabric is woven loosely together so there could be holes that would feel rough to the touch and break easily when washed. The competitive market of the bedding industry has led to the myth that bigger is better when it comes to thread count.   Let’s debunk this myth: ply is a measure of the number of layers in a bedsheet. Some bedsheets are two-ply or even three-ply and some brands combine the number of threads per square inch and multiply it by the number of layers. While multiple-ply bed sheets aren’t necessarily bad it could simply be an indicator that the original material isn’t strong enough to stand up on its own.    Over the years, studies by experts and our own tests show that anything between 200-700 is just right. Still, a blur, learn more at our other blog here!   Weave   The sateen weave features a “three-over-one-under” weave which results in more threads on the surface. This creates a silky smooth look and feels for a more cozy sleep. It wrinkles less easily than percale. Ours is a sateen weave giving it what we all want.   Compared to result in a matte finish that is crisp, cool, lightweight, and breathable. It wrinkles quite easily. – percale weave features a “one-over-one-under” weave   Fit   Of course, the bed sheet has to match the bed. You can double-check that the dimensions of the bedsheets match your bed by checking the size of the bed in centimeter dimensions.   If you’re shopping online these are typically found on the description of the bed sheet or on the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. One thing that is of particular concern is the mattress height. At Life Warehouse, our sheets are made for at least 40cm thick mattresses! No more slip-offs.       Personal Preference   In this section, your personal preference for design is all up to you. This is where the fun begins where you can choose solids or mix and match colors and designs depending on what kind of sleeper you are. Questions to help you along include: “What is the interior design style of my room?”, “How often am I available to change and wash my bedsheets?”, “Do I easily feel warm or cold when I sleep?”, and “How often do I move around when I sleep?”.   We hope this guide has helped you out and you enjoy your search for the bedsheets just for you. Here at Life Warehouse, we believe that everyone deserves a goodnight’s rest. Life Warehouse is all about practical comfort for everyone, every day. Check out our collection today!

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Duvet Insert 101: Best Free Duvet Insert in Malaysia

  Duvet Insert 101: Best Free Duvet Insert in Malaysia   Malaysia’s weather is just unpredictable: The search for the perfect duvet insert is no easy task as some are too warm, not warm enough, not fluffy enough, too stiff and the list goes on and on. Why so much trouble for choosing one cloth?   Duvet inserts aren’t the cheapest thing to buy, you do not want to be making a mistake. After spending 6 long months designing what we think is the perfect duvet insert, we are giving YOU the ultimate guide on picking the perfect duvet insert in Malaysia for your needs.       What is Fill Power   Fill power measures the amount of space one ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches. The higher the fill power, the more fluffiness, and quality it has. However, here in Malaysia, a duvet insert with extremely high fill power-downs may not be suitable as it may be too hot and stuffy for our climate. Our Kapas duvet inserts have a fill power of 600+ to get the fluffiest of duvet inserts, without being too warm. The information below will help you identify the perfect fill power range for you.   For the same amount of weight, different fill power will occupy a different amount of space *CU IN = cubic inch   Which Fill Power to Choose     Washed Cotton Fill   A super-soft feel! One of the most notable benefits of washed cotton material is, of course, the softness! With the optimal thread count, breathability makes 0 sweaty nights and 5 degrees cooling effect for every night’s sleep. Because this special technique expedites the softening process after multiple washes to increase your comfort level at night, which in turn promotes a healthier, more satisfying rest right from the get-go.     No fading or shrinking! While some duvet inserts can shrink after the first wash — and inevitably alter their ability to properly fit your bed — washed cotton pre-shrinks the material, meaning your bedding will retain its size and shape perfectly. Another benefit that comes from opting for pre-washed fabric is that you can rest easy knowing your duvet insert will stay true to colour, as this unique process significantly protects your linens from fading.  

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Special Drinks That Belong to Your Life Mood, For You Who Love to Drink: 3 Time-Saving and Labor-Saving DIY Drinks

  Special Drinks That Belong to Your Life Mood, For You Who Love to Drink: 3 Time-Saving and Labor-Saving DIY Drinks   Tired from daily work, I just want to have a drink to refresh myself. However, commercial beverages are often too high in sugar and contain a lot of additives, the source of the ingredients are unknown and sometimes makes people sick. During the pandemic, health and food safety problems still remained unsolved. In fact, making a drink at home is not as difficult as imagined. Prepare some simple ingredients and match this LIFE WAREHOUSE Mini Portable Juice Blender to make up to 100 or more different drinks. All with the same method: Put in all in and blend!   [1] Refresh your mind every day Time required: about 3 minutes  Preparation Ingredients: ½ cup of milk, 2 scoops of Milo Powder, ½ cup of coffee     [2] Tutti Frutti  Time required: about 3 minutes  Preparation Ingredients: ½ frozen banana, ½ cup of orange juice, ½ cup low fat greek yoghurt     [3} Greens Are For The Better Time required: about 3 minutes  Preparation Ingredients: 1 cup of spinach, ½ cup of frozen banana, ½ cup low fat greek yoghurt     Disassembled for cleaning, easy to store   No multiple parts to take out. Just open the cover and wipe clean. As for the body, rinse with water with no worries of damaging the electrical parts. Good storage, good operation, no need to bother to look after. In addition to making drinks more fresh and delicious, it also reduces the tendency to get soft drinks. Whether you are thinking about the normal life of the day, or when the pandemic is serious, the blender makes people feel at ease looking at them.      

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Does Thread Count Really Matter? Let Life Warehouse Reveal The Truth!

  Does Thread Count Really Matter? Let Life Warehouse Reveal The Truth!   “How much is the thread count for these sheets?” Sounds familiar? We have always been falling into lies where the higher the thread count, the better the sheets. There is a lot of misinformation out there about it.   In fact, thread count is only a part of what you should consider. We’ve gathered all of the details for you, so you’ll be able to separate truth from myth. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the sheets that will satisfy you:   1. What is Thread Count? 2. Higher Thread Counts Are Better? 3. Basic Thread Counts Threshold?     Thread Count for Sheets – Does it Really Matter?   Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. The yarn is woven in a crisscross pattern with the vertical strands being referred to as warp weave, and the horizontal pieces are called weft weave.     Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, and the more likely it will wear well-or even soften over time.  Seems like all good right? Then, go for higher. But wait…   Why Is That So?   As you have gathered by now, the answer to this is not black and white. While you should be looking for a range to indicate quality, higher doesn’t always mean better. 1-inch is limited space and can fit so much of the limited amount of threads. Hence for a higher thread count, the threads will have to be thinner in order to fit into the same 1-inch space. This gives it a soft and smooth feeling. As you wash the sheets, the surface starts to fray and threads start forming up. This shows that the thinner threads have loosened up and resurface due to the frequent washing.     Does Higher Thread Count Mean Better Quality?   It really depends on the PLY Count Ply refers to the number of yarns in each thread in a given piece of fabric. Single-ply yarn is made up of one long thread. A multi-ply yarn is made of two, three, or even four or five threads twisted together. Imagine this, one thread is super thin by itself. To make sure that we have higher thread counts but not thinner threads, some manufacturers will twist more than 2 ply into a single thread making it a higher thread count which is what the people want. But that sounds like cheating ain’t it?  Take a sheet made of multi-ply yarn of cotton as an example, because it takes enough two threads to be made into a cotton thread for making fabric. Assuming the seller directly calculates it, the algorithm is as follows:   (200 + 200) x 2 = 800 thread count   Hence, the higher the PLY, the higher the thread count as well.  That is why we don't always just judge based on a number of thread counts.     “700 thread count”   In conclusion, a thread count above 200 is considered good quality. The domestic expression is "700 00 thread count", which means that the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.is 700. It belongs to the high-density fabric. Therefore, Life Warehouse’s signature bed sheets use 700 thread counts and Sateen Weave, which gives consumers genuine quality confidence and guarantee.       Loved what we have just shared? Should we talk about weaving next? Let us know!

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Life Warehouse New Release | Introducing Cotton Candy in A Stunning New Yellow

  Life Warehouse New Release | Introducing Cotton Candy in A Stunning New Yellow   MALAYSIA – Life Warehouse today unveiled an all-new stunning yellow finish for Cotton Candy Full Bedding Set. This new color beautifully accentuates the fluffy flounce  which perfectly features the Sunrays in the white clouds for a brighter, more immersive sleeping experience,  It is also the fastest drying material being adapted within these sheets.    The new finish complements the beautiful chiffon flounce design of Cotton Candy,  which features an advanced super soft chiffon yarm material,  one size fits all fitted sheet with 360° elastic and many other upgrades for your comfiest night in bed.   Cotton Candy Full Bedding Set in yellow will be available for pre-order beginning Tuesday, July 13.  Customers can also complement their Cotton Candy with a new laundry basket, Hilba Linen Collapsible Laundry Basket for easy washing.   Durable Design and Immersive Softness   The elevated colour scheme of the Cotton Candy Full Bedding Set is as beautiful as they are durable as the white and grey ones. It is also the only Chiffon Cotton Candy sheet sold in Malaysia, packing all the delicate benefits into a delightfully compact size while still delivering an enclosure and combined with the Lotus Leaf Edge Technology for air to escape and flow evenly throughout the entire sleep,  which goes beyond to experience a drop of 5 °C.      Advanced Hypoallergenic Dyes Included   Cotton Candy Full Bedding Set delivers powerful non-static vibes to everyone who has acne or skin reactions. This advanced feature provides 75 percent more allergic resistance with dyes that holds up well even after multiple washes.  It also intelligently adjusts the white balance, contrast, texture, and saturation of a bedsheets  for remarkably natural-looking images. Who says sleeping beauty is hard to be? You can be Belle Now~     Breathability: Fluffiness Retaining Property    Cotton Candy Full Bedding Set, made on imported chiffon yarn from South Korea,  enabling the flounce to be retained at all times even after using it for years to come. This serves in delivering a great cloud-like feel throughout your sleeping life.  Pushing the limits, they spread easier compared to bedsheets that are crisp. This makes the bed-making process so much easier and with 0 help.     One-Size-Fits-All   Featuring the mattresses in Malaysia which are most likely to be more than 25cm,  Cotton Candy offers the broadest coverage worldwide with a 40cm fitted sheet.  You name any brands out there, we fit it.      A Breakthrough Faster Washing Experience   Life Warehouse aims to improve thick bed sheets for a better, more efficient cleaning experience,  and introduces an ecosystem of combining both cotton and chiffon together.  As cotton chiffon is quite breathable and incredibly soft to touch.  This is why it is the ideal choice for loungewear and lightweight summer clothing  where you want to feel cool and comfortable.  Cotton fibers also absorb moisture well on hot summer days.  No worries throwing in the washer and they are light, making the drying process  a lot easier which is 3X lighter than your usual comforter sets.  It also takes 50% shorter time to dry out completely.     Life Warehouse revolutionized the cotton chiffon technology  with the introduction of Cotton Candy in 2020.  Today, Life Warehouse has one of the best and softest cloud-like sheets you could ever experience.  Ready to try on this seamless experience?   👆Click me to grab👆  

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Top 6 Reasons You Should Be Using Duvet Covers

  Top 6 Reasons You Should Be Using Duvet Covers   A beautiful bed is a key to a stunning bedroom.  It’s the centerpiece and the first thing that draws the eye.  You can have stunning furniture but a messy or unattractive bed and none of the rest matters.   When it comes to creating a gorgeous bed,  you typically have two choices: a duvet cover or a comforter.  Both options offer comfort, design, and practicality. However, only one option should be your first and only pick when it comes to your bedroom.    Duvet covers win, hands down.     What Is a Duvet Cover?      A Duvet Cover works like a giant pillowcase for your duvet inserts.  Made out of a variety of fabrics, it’s a simple slipcover that generally has a zipper enclosure with duvet ties inside   to hold the inserts in place and protect it from becoming soiled. But don’t just take our word for it.  We’ve outlined the top six reasons you need a duvet cover today.     Variety     Duvet covers come in a variety of styles and designs. They can be made from almost any type of fabric and come in a range of looks. The options are endless.   Affordability   Comforters can be expensive. Duvet covers, on the other hand, are generally lower priced  because all you’re paying for is the fabric. This means that you can easily and affordably redecorate your bedroom on a whim,  or choose a new duvet cover for every season.  The perfect option for someone who wants to stay stylish while on a budget.   Versatility     A comforter can only be one thing, a comforter. But since duvet covers are just light pieces of fabric, you have more options.  You can easily remove the heavy-down comforter in the hotter summer months and simply use the light and cool duvet cover until it gets cold again.   Easy to Clean   Have you ever tried washing your comforter? First of all, it’s almost impossible to fit the entire thing in your washing machine.  Then, drying is an absolute nightmare. With a duvet cover, you can put your cleaning worries to rest. All of our duvet covers are machine washable and are as easy to clean as your sheets.  Simply remove the duvet insert and throw the duvet cover in the wash, and violá! A fresh room in no time at all.   Protection   Comforters can get dirty. No matter how careful you are, you have to live in your bedroom, and that means body oil, dirt, food, drink, make-up, and more all collect on your comforter until the once beautiful design is hidden behind a bunch of muck. Duvet covers protect this expensive investment.  With a duvet cover, you can purchase a high-quality duvet insert and not worry about stains and tears.  When washing your duvet cover, you can still use the insert at night   Maximum Comfort   Let’s be honest; many comforters aren’t that comfortable as they are stuffy and rough.  Most of the time it’s because stores are so worried about a great design that they skimp on the filling.  With a duvet cover, you don’t have to worry about that.  You can find the most comfortable duvet insert possible no matter what it looks like. Then, just hide it inside a duvet cover that fits your style and design. This means you can go for the ultra-plush, fluffy option without sacrificing the beauty of your bedroom which comes with our latest duvet insert.

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